Wedding Package FAQ’s

  1.  Are multiple events booked the same day? No. Only member dining starting at 5:30PM, not open during the day.
  2. How much is the deposit? $1,500 (room fee.)
  3. What are the payment options? Cash, Check or Credit Card.
  4. Are you able to make installments? Yes, there are 2 additional installments; last payment paid 5 days before the wedding. 
  5. When does the final headcount need to be provided? Approximate count 2 weeks prior, final count 1 week prior.
  6. Handicapped Accessible? Yes.
  7. Do you allow outside food vendors? No.
  8. Parking Accommodations? On-site and street parking.
  9. What time can we start the ceremony? Any time.
  10. Is there someone here, the day of, to help coordinate everything? Yes.
  11. How many staff will be on duty? Wedding Coordinator, Banquet Manager, Banquet Caption plus 1 waitstaff for every 20-25 guests.
  12. How many people can our location accommodate? Minimum 75, 150 with a band, 160 with a DJ depending upon their equipment.
  13. Is there a discount for booking an off-season date? No.
  14. May I hire my own vendors, or do I have to select from the Preferred Vendor list? You may select your own. Preferred Vendors are individuals we have worked with at our venue and are confident in.
  15. Can I bring in a cake from an outside vendor? Yes. $2 credit per person.
  16. What is the minimum package price per person? $101 
  17. We don’t drink, can we eliminate the alcohol? Yes. $8 credit per person.
  18. How much does it cost?  Click here for pricing