Happily Ever After

Jessica Ball and Christopher Smith

Wedding date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

When and how did he propose?
He proposed while we were on a trip to Maine. We are super into playing card and board games with friends–he brought a new game on our trip and set it up so that I would win. The prize was my engagement ring and the proposal!

 How did you choose your wedding venue?
We love great food and we are very busy, so we knew two things: that we needed a venue that could provide amazing food and cocktails AND that would help us expertly manage wedding details and vendors. The Whist checked both those boxes and it’s a stunning place. 

 Describe your wedding gown:
It’s a champagne color A-line dress with a tulle skirt, sheer sleeves and floral/vine appliques. It’s very romantic and fit in well with the vibe of the Whist.  

Describe your wedding theme/colors:
Our theme was, “We’re getting married, yay!” Our color palette included dusty blues, purples and grays and was inspired by the succulents we used throughout the wedding.

What was the hardest and easiest part about planning your wedding?
The hardest part was the seating chart; we never want to do one of those again! The easiest part was working with The Whist and our vendors. I say, know your strengths–if you love doing everything yourself and fussing over every little detail–go for it! But you can make wedding planning much easier on yourself if you hire great, experienced vendors and then trust them to do their jobs. We did, and we’d go that route a million times over. 

What piece of advice would you give a bride/couple who is planning their wedding? Do what works for you as a couple and don’t feel pressured to please other people (at least not with this one thing). You know in your gut what you want to do, what’s important to you and what things you can do without. Just trust yourselves and trust that your wedding will be awesome because it’s yours! 

Please share some of the vendors you used:
We’ve loved working with Mary and Charlotte from M. Coty Designs on our terrarium centerpieces and succulent bouquets. Mike and Jerry from Must be the Music DJs were incredibly collaborative and fun, Kimberly from Liberty Lane Bake Shoppe baked us the BEST CAKE EVER and our photographer, Kyle Moran, captured the day with love and a creatively inspired vision. 

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